Host and present live product demos.
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How it works

Are you a company? A university? A community association? Host #prodmos for your constituents to learn about local products that make their lives better: save money, time, effort, and explore their city.


Post the date and time when you would like to host #prodmos.


You will be notified when presenters book a time slot you have made available.


That's it! Get your venue prepared, and you're ready to host #prodmos.

You've launched a new product or awesome feature. Now what? #prodmos connects you to a network of organizations to help share the story of your product with potential users, face-to-face.


We will match you with hosts that are interested in organizing #prodmos.


You will choose which hosts you would like to demo to, and we will book your demo.


Head over to the host's location on the selected date to demo your product.

"Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning."
- Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder
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